Become a distribution partner

Sign up to ArcTron3D’s reseller program and receive a 30% discount on the end user price of aspect 3D.

Reselling aspect 3D is easy

  • aspect 3D is sold (for resale) from ArcTron 3D to resellers at 30% discount on the end user price*
  • provide the client information for registration purposes. ArcTron 3D is not going to contact the resellers client
  • ArcTron 3D will send the reseller an invoice. Payments must be made within 10 days via wire transfer to our bank
  • aspect 3D can be downloaded from our server. The link to the latest software version and a digital key will be sent to the reseller electronically. An additional hardlock dongle will be sent by express mail after receiving payment.

*Educational packages for Universities at reduced EDU-prices can only be sold directly by ArcTron 3D.
You are interested in becoming a reseller? Then get in contact with us: with reference to “international distribution partner”.

Unsere aktuellen Vertriebspartner



CEO Dr. Hannes Kleindienst 
Tel: +43-512-507 48600

Technikerstraße 21a 
AU-6020 Innsbruck


Five Star Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

President Yanjing Liu PhD
Tel: +86 10 58076899
Cell: +86 13501169203
Fax: +86 10 58076178

RM1B-2207 Ri Yue Tian Di Center, No.17 Building, Fangchengyuan, Fengtai District 
Beijing 100078, China


Ingenieurbüro Gilan

Dipl.-Ing. Zeya Deylamipour
Tel:+49 – 30 – 301 12 571
Fax:+49 – 30 – 301 12 572

Rellstabweg 53
13591 Berlin


Linkfast Technology Co.,Ltd

Tel: (02)8787-9318
Fax: (02)8787-2456

Taipei Headquarters
Address: 4F. -8, NO.234, SEC.5, Nanjing E.Rd., Songshan District. Taipei, Taiwan, ROC